Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Forced to Blow Wife's Boyfriend

Well how embarrassing. When Joe's wife Diane sneaked home with her lover, Joe was playing dress-up. He was in a slinky little maids outfit when Diane burst in the door giggling with Tony's arm around her neck and hand squeezing her tit. She immediately took her mobile phone out and took a picture of Joe in his pretty little uniform.

Next she told Joe that she would send the picture to his work unless he did exactly what she and Tony wanted. Tony made her kneel in front of him and insisted that he give him a blow-job. Joe was disgusted, he was straight, the idea of a cock in his mouth was repellent; but he couldn't have this picture circulating his office.

Once he had finally taken Tony in, he was pounded until Tony gushed down his throat. All the time, Diane was making a movie of the action. He was trapped and at the total mercy of his wife and her lover.

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