Friday, 16 November 2018

Back from the Club

"Of course I've got a cock, and you won't believe what I can do with it."

Sunday, 30 September 2018

A Discovery

"Auntie, I'm scared.  I like looking like a girl too much.  I feel like I want breasts like yours."

"Maybe you can if you are good Darling.  Now finish dressing."

"Oh these stockings feel so good.  I never want to take them off.  Help me Auntie - I'm a boy not a girl - this is wrong!"

"Don't worry dear - you are what is called a little sissy.  I've known it since you used to stoke my stockings when you were very small.  It'll be so much fun.  You'll have more sexual pleasure in a day than most men have in a lifetime.  Now come on - let me see you walk in those heels of yours."

Saturday, 29 September 2018

New Experiences

"This reverse bride and groom fancy-dress idea is proving a problem; this is your third boner this evening Jack.  I thought you said you wasn't turned on wearing lingerie."

"I didn't think I was honey, but I'm seeing a gorgeous chick's body from where I'm sitting and I can't help myself.  The materials are kinda soft and sexy too though.  How do you girls not get turned on all the time?"

"I like my men in tight pants and with a sweaty chest Jack - as you well know.  Looking at lingerie is a guy thing.  Look, we're going to have to sort that out again before you put your costume on.  Goodness knows what we'll do if it happens at the party - this bride's dress is quite tight around there and it's going to show.  Hopefully a third blowjob will fix you for the evening."

"I hoped you'd say that."


At the party Jack was getting hit on by a guy over and over again.  Later in the evening, and quite a few drinks later the guy grabbed Jack in an embrace tightly clamping himself to Jack face-to-face.  As Jack struggled, he could feel his silk lingerie sliding inside the silk dress.  Jack's manhood started to rise - the feeling of the lingerie was simply delicious.  It was as if he was holding a sexy girl himself, but because he WAS the sexy girl, the feelings were so much more intense.  

His boner was interpreted as assent.  Jack had had way too much to drink - the next think he knew he was in a private room with his cock about to explode into some guy's mouth.

His wife in the meantime was upstairs getting nailed by a guy in very tight pants and a very broad, very muscular and, by now, very sweaty chest.

The Impaler

The ultimate punishment for a sissy maid is to be tied to the impaling stool.  Supported by little more that a 10-inch vibrating dildo any maid will not take long before she passes out with sheer ecstasy.  Mike here has been told not to cum by his mistress; but he's only seconds away from disobeying.  Oh dear.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Dream Wife

"Psst honey - you look so pretty.  I want you to fuck me so badly.  Let's go home."

"OK honey.  This is kinda fun.  I didn't realize you were quite so kinky."

"I've always been a lesbian honey; but I love pretty guys, and boy are you pretty.  Now let's get hone quickly I need you inside me."


The suit was so tight and it pulled Rick into such a beautiful feminine shape.

"Auntie, I can't see any zippers."

"Ricky dear - there are none.  This suit isn't designed to be removed.  It will hold you in a feminine shape for around 18 months, at which point you will be a lovely girlie shape.

"Oh my goodness, what's happening?"

"That's the built-in stimulators Ricky.  You're not going to orgasm for all of those 18 months; but these will keep you permanently aroused.  Delicious don't you think?"

"Auntie - I need to cum.  This is so nice."

A Turning Point

"As a teenager, Rick was educated at an all-boys private high-school.  He had been chosen to play the heroine in the annual school play which involved a scene wearing just lingerie.  He was a hit, but he realized at that moment he enjoyed being pretty and admired as a girl."

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Side Effects

"Keep an eye on your son Mr Smith.  The side effect of this medication is that he will act like a girl and be as horny as hell.  Whatever you do, keep him away from all men until the treatment is complete.  And no matter how much he begs, don't allow him to crossdress - it'll make him ten times worse."  

"Kevin - I'm home.  His sister's cloths.  The pizza delivery guy! ... He ordered a pizza!"

"Hi Dad, you should try this, it's real nice."

Keep Up with Auntie

"Come of Henry ... keep up.  You must be used to those heels by now."

"It's not the heels Auntie.  It's the way you've tied back my peenie.  If I don't stop it's going to make me .."

"Get a move on, we haven't got all day."

"Yes Aunty.  Oh wait.... Arrgghh.  Oh I'm so sorry Auntie."

"It all a bit wet a sticky down there now.  Do you have a tissue?"

"No.  Now do hurry boy."

"Auntie - it's running down my leg and starting to show, and I'm getting hard already."

Sunday, 29 July 2018


"You sure this is going to work?"

"Look Dad disinherited us both on his death bed, one of us needs to pretend to be Sis to get our share of the old buster's dough.  We'll give her a third so it'll be fair.  She's been in Australia for years, she won't even know we were disinherited.  Now come on, you and Sis are twins - you look so similar."

"Jeez these stockings feel great!"

"You're not turning into a transvestite are you George Wolford?"

"Zip it Ted, all I'm saying is this stuff kinda feels nice."

"How do I look?"

"Terrific!  You sure have nice pins George."

"Your not turning gay on me Ted?"

"Shut the fuck up George.  You look just like Sis.  Maybe black would be more respectful at this sad time?"


"Er - Wendy Wolford I need to sign receipt of my father Henry Wolford's estate."

"Ah Miss Wolford, take a seat."

"Sad to say goodbye to your father - he and I were good friends.  Shame about his sons being such idiots."

"Oh they are OK really."

"OK!  They would lose your father's money in less than a year.  The business is in much safer hands with you my dear."

"Still, I'd like you to divide his estate into thirds once more."

"Against your father's will."

"It's mine now.  Let's not mention this again.  I want my brothers to think well of father."

--- *** ---

"There we are.  All settled.  Never mention this again."

"Very well Miss Wolford.  I can't say this is the wisest decision you have made.

"All done Ted.  That was easy."

"You can change now George."

"Not just yet.  I really quite like looking like this."

Found by Mom

"Ricky - what the hell are you doing?"

"Mummy!  I ... I didn't hear you come in.  I ... I'm dressing like you Mummy."

"I can see that.  But why?"

"I wanted to look pretty like you Mummy."

"You are a boy - you should be trying to be strong and handsome."

"I'm a weed Mummy - the boys at school all tell me so."

"Do you like boys Ricky?"

"No Mummy - I like girls very much, but they don't seem to like me."

"You'll need to find a very special girl to like you if you dress like that dear."

Dream Wife

"So Honey - no secrets - I've always known you crossdress while I'm away - I've found your nylons and heels hidden around the house.  I think it's time for me to meet the other person inside of you."


"No excuses, please.  If you love me do this one thing for me.  Now I bet you have a sexy maid outfit."

"It'll take a while."

"We have all evening."


"OK Honey - you're the first person to see me like this, are you sure?"

"Come on in, don't be shy .... whoa - that's not what I expected - honey - you look fabulous!  Where did those legs come from?"

"I shaved them seeing as I'm not hiding anything now."

"We'll get them waxed.  Now come here - I want to kiss those lipstick covered lips of yours."


She knew she had to get back home, but didn't know why.  Shopping was so much fun - just one more hour.

On the way back to the ar she collapsed.  It was five o'clock, the hypnosis broke and Harry looked down at himself with shock and terror.  He was dressed as a woman.  This dress barely covered his butt.  

The last thing he remembered was going to the hypnotist to help quit smoking.  That must have worked at least became this would have been a 2 cigarette moment.

Still, his legs looked stunning, the hose and lingerie felt so soft and sexy.  This was actually pretty cool.  Something deep down he'd always wanted but didn't have the courage to do for real.

"Excuse me miss, you OK."

"Er sure, I just came over a little light-headed."

"Let's get you to your feet.  You sure you're OK.  Say, you want me to get you a drink?"

He was getting hit on by a random guy.

"Sorry - I really need to get home ... here's my number - call me."

Shit! I just gave my number to a complete stranger - a guy - what else has that hypnotist done to me?

Saturday, 28 July 2018

The Next Stage

Britney is finally allowed to try a pair of fully fashioned nylons and some properly high heels.

The wait was worth it.  The stockings were so smooth, they sent a shiver up his spine.  The heels will take a bit of practice, but made him feel so much more girlie and weren't half as uncomfortable as he thought they might be.


"Psst - I know your secret ... I saw your cock when you showered.  I don't know what you're doing in an all girl school, but if you want to stay, you are going to have to fuck me, well and often starting right now."

Friday, 20 July 2018

School Play

"Andrew - this is only a school play.  You didn't need to be quite so ... thorough with your costume."

"Sorry Sir.  Mummy made me wear it.  She said I need to feel like a girl to understand the part.  I also quite like looking pretty now I've tried it ... and I could never be as handsome as you Sir."

"Are you flirting with me Andrew?"

"I guess I'm ready to find out what it's really like to be a girl Sir."

Thursday, 19 July 2018


"What do you mean failed the entry test!  I've done everything you've asked."

"Oh yes, you have.  But we want free-thinkers in our group.  The moment you agreed to this Mike you failed.  We've been having fun with you since then.  We have some great pictures - so don't try to get in touch again.  Goodbye Mike."

"Please, do leave me here dressed like this!  How do I get home with no money?  How do I get into my apartment without keys?

"Hitch a ride and ask your neighbour for your spare key."

"What like this!!"

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Playing Dress-up with Sister's Friends

"There little brother.  As special thanks for dressing like this, Sally will suck that little cock of yours.  I know you've always had the hots for Sal."

"Oh Sis, that feels wonderful."

"Keep looking at me.  Sally get's a little shy."

"Ooh Sally is sucking real hard now Sis.  She's really good at it."

"When you say Sally you of course mean Steve."


"Fuck no!  Get off me!"

"This is what you want - a big fat cock inside you."

"No!  I want Sally.  Sis make him stop ... please."

Friday, 6 July 2018

Honey Trap

"Fuck!  You're a guy!  Let me go."

"Oh I think we can have a little more fun don't you?  That camera's still rolling so the whole world will get to see you making out with a transvestite.  So what shall we do now?  You definitely liked my stockings.  Maybe you'd like to try a pair on.  You'll love the way they feel."

Sunday, 1 July 2018

One of the Girls

"Oh Auntie I just love being a girl.  I need  to fuck so much - please kiss me."

"Easy tiger.  Wait until we're home."

"Excuse me ladies - hope I'm not interrupting."

"Not at all.  My nephew was just telling me he needed sex."

"I-I don't usually dress like a girl."

"You should, you make such a pretty one."

"I can't help noticing the size of your cock.  My nephew might like to see what a real man's tool looks like."

"Sure thing - check it out."

"Auntie - it's enormous!"

"Average honey - you are quite small in that department I'm sad to say.  Still, you have other talents.  Get on your knees and get him ready for me.

"But Auntie!"

"Do it!"

"That's it son.  I'm nearly ready to fuck your Aunt."

"Ahhh - he's good.  You got him good and hard for me.  Ahhhh - I'm cumming!  Too soon!   You're going to have to take over - I'm wasted!"

"But Auntie!"

"The man needs to cum."

"Come here kid - your Aunt's done.  Your turn."

"He's really tight.  Your first time kid?"


"Yes - his first time - I think he's about to cum."

"Auntie - I'm cumming from inside like a girl.  it's amazing!"

"Here - have some real man cum in your tight little pussy.  Arrggh!"

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Silly Mistake

"Ricky!  You are not wearing your chastity device.  Why is that?"

"Sorry Mistress.  I forgot to put it on."

"Do it now!"

"Better - key please.  Now do your chores and expect some punishment."


"Finished Ricky.  Stand over there."

"There we are.  This will teach you to dress properly.  I'm having some guests around this afternoon.  You'll certainly make an excellent conversation piece.  Do try not to dribble."

Locked in

"Auntie - please take it out.  It keeps making me cum.  I don't think I will make it to the house."

"Nonsense Ricky just use a little will-power to stop yourself - besides - you know the key is back at home.  Now 5 more miles.  Just think of the practise you're getting in those heels."

On a Promise

"That's right Christopher.  See what I'll let you do when you are dress like a girl.  Just our secret."

"Your pussy is very wet Sophie."

"It wants your cock inside it Christopher.  But first I think we need some make-up and perhaps some more girlie hair."

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Knock 'em Dead

"Ma - it's only a school play - is this really necessary."

"Of course it is William.  You chose to go to an all boy school and you landed the role as leading lady.  You're going to look silly if you go out on stage with socks and jocky shorts.  Dress like a woman - feel like a woman.  Now let me get that dress and I'll drive you to rehearsals.

And stop stroking your nylons, they will catch!"

Instant Girl

Andy gasped as he felt a hot liquid gush into his chest.

"This is permanent kid - your Aunt's orders.  Hope you wanted tits.  Ha ha."

"NO I'm a boy!  STOP!"

"That was nothing sweet tits, this is really going to hurt - a lot.  It literally turns your cock inside out so that it's permanently inside your body.  With a bit of training you'll even be able to take a big fat cocks like mine."


"Irreversible too kid.  Welcome to life as a girl.  Of course, your clit is not quite deep inside to, so only a real man will be able to satisfy you.  So you had better start training if you ever want to cum again."


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