Friday, 14 August 2020

Wife's Revenge

"Come on Rick - or Wendy - whatever you call yourself.  If you want to join in Sue and my evenings of fun you're going to have to get used to one of these in your tight little pussy."

"No honey - that's too big!"

"Nonsense!  Now on your knees."

Monday, 3 August 2020

Forced into Maidhood

"Don't stop you little sissy.  I want the whole world to see you cum wearing a satin maid outfit."

Price to Pay

Ted wasn't happy with this; but his flat mate had caught him crossdressing and this was what he had to do to stop him telling everyone.

Damn!  Those pantyhose were new. too.

Sissy Cuckold

"He's just going to lie there and watch me fuck his wife?"

"What choice does he have.  I have so many photos of him like that, he'd never work again.  Now fuck me really hard.  You watching my little sissy?  See how a real man fucks?"

Sunday the 1st

The first Sunday of every month.  Wendy was allowed to remove her chastity cage.  She only had 5 minutes alone; but after gasping to cum for a month, it didn't take long.  At that moment she felt the luckiest girl alive.

Ma's Dressing Room

His mother was due to return at any time.  Tim knew he couldn't leave her dressing room without using her vibrator to cum.  He didn't care about being caught.  He didn't care about making a mess of her pantyhose.  All he knew was he needed to cum and that hot woman in the mirror looked pretty desperate too.

New Daughter

"Honey.  I'm sorry to ask; but I'm too old to have another child, and I'll never have a daughter to play dress-up.  Will to do me a favour and let me dress you.  Just once."

"I guess Ma.  If you really want to."

"Oh thank you honey.  I have a pretty wig and I'll put a little make-up on you."

"Mummy, I love it!  I look so pretty.  Everything is so soft and silky."

"So we can do it again Ricky?"

"Oh Ma, just try to stop me.  Can I go to school like this.  Show the guys?"

"I'm not sure they'll understand dear.  But it's lovely to have a daughter to dress-up."

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Bedroom Fun

Having agreed to a sexy cross-dressing game with his wife, Ted now found himself bound to a chair dressed as a nurse.

"I'm so horny honey, when are you going to let me fuck you dressed like this?"

"Fuck me?  Why would I let you do that?  I'm not a lesbian - I like hunky guys, not nurses in stockings."

"So why have you dressed me like this?"

"Well, I know you like to dress as a girl - I've known about it for a couple of months.  Also - can you imagine how much money I'll get from selling this movie of you cumming dressed as a pretty nurse?"

"I am going to not cumming on camera!"

"Let's see.  We're rolling - let me flick this little switch here and ..."

"Jeez!  Stop it!"

"You can try not to cum - but I think you'll change you mind soon.  I'll leave you to enjoy yourself - and a pair of my panties in your mouth to stop you spoiling the video."


"Oh yes - that bucking looks good - keep going.  Bye bye.

Friday, 8 May 2020

Devoted Sisters

Steve's Sisters had always been pissed that he had better legs than them.  He found it quite amusing when their parents decided to take a picture of them in their best underwear.  Steve could manage higher heels than his sisters, he even dated cuter guys.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Step-Father Step-Son Reconciliation

"What's this?  My precious step-son turns out to be a transvestite, what will Mummy think of this.  You never did like me did you Kevin?"  

"You make a really pretty girl - you know that?"

"Mike - that hurts, please let me go.  Look please don't tell Mum."

"OK - but loose the top and skirt and get on your knees."

"Don't tell me you're not enjoying this because I don't believe you.  You know, your father was a tranny too - that's why your mother left him.  That, and his tiny cock - which I now see is a genetic thing. "

"Now stand up.  Your Mom loves this.  Although her ass isn't quite so tight."

"Mike stop!"

"You little cock is rock hard and dribbling your sissy cum - I know you're loving this."  

"Almost ... THERE!  Now get dressed, you look like some kind of whore with all that cum dripping out of your ass."


"Uncle Mike.  We can do that again soon can't we?"

Video Chat

"How's working in lock-down Jim?  Switching you video-conference mode."

"No!  Sir!"

"Jeez Jim.  I didn't realize!  Butt plug and chastity, RHT stockings, satin blouse ... like you style son!  Stand up."

"Sir - I can explain."

"No explanation needed son.  Been dressing for years myself.  I'm in white stockings and corset right now."

"Hold on son - let me show you this corset - tight as hell, but looks fabulous."

"What do you think?"

"Tell you what.  Fuck the lock-down.  Head round to mine - that's an order."

"Er.  Yes Sir."

Getting Ready to the Party

Friday, 17 April 2020

Pretty in Pink

"Oh Mummy - I feel so pretty."

"Hmm, not bad; but I think you need more heel honey.  Try these."

"Ooh Mummy, they are lovely - but I won't be able to walk in them."

"Of course you will.  Every girlie boy needs to learn how to walk in heels.  Put them on."

"How to I use the buckle Mummy?"

"Push it in until it clicks - there.  They are locking, so you'll need this key.  It's to stop you giving up too soon when they start getting a little bit painful.  Practice is everything.  Build up the right muscles and learn balance."

"Up we get, let's see you stand in them."

"There we go.  See just how much nicer your ankles look."

"Right - grab your purse - we're going shopping."

"What!  I can't go out like this!"

"Why would you want to dress so pretty if you didn't want others to admire you.  Now come on."

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Helpless Cuckold

When Lee's wife and her boss turned up while he was dressed he thought he was going to get caught.  So when they started fucking in the kitchen there was nothing he could do to stop them.  But his wife's squeals of pleasure made him so horny - he couldn't help listen.

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Still Trapped in Lace

"Mummy turn it off - not a good time - please don't make it happen just yet"

"I am so close ... concentrate, must concentrate."

"Pizza delivery Miss."

"Thank you.  Let me get my purse for your tiii.... concentrate I'm not going to ..."

"Holy crap!  I'm cumming!!"

"Arrggghhhh that's soooo gooood!"


"I know what might help Miss."

"Mummy!  Stop him!"

Trapped in Lace

"Mummy - I love the girlie clothes - they feel so silky.  I love these new heels, they as very high, but very pretty.  But why have you locked my peenie away, and why must I wear this in my bottom?  It's quite large and ..."

"It's so when I press this button dear this happens ..."

"Oh Mummy!  It's vibrating deep inside me!  It feels wonderful."

"Now your little peenie is safely hidden to keep you looking feminine, this is the only way you will get any release.  It'll be on all the time.  The problem is that you might orgasm at any time."

Friday, 3 April 2020

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Brian's First Nylons

"You're still OK with this Brian?"

"Yes Mummy.  I feel so pretty."

"Since you like the dress, I have a treat for you.  Some real nylons.  They drive your father nuts ... to be honest, they drive me nuts too.  We'll try you in higher heels as well, they will match better."

"There.  You OK with those heels Honey."

"I think so Mummy.  These nylons feel amazing."

"I can't wear them for long without needing sex.  I don't know how ladies in the 50's coped."

"Mmm.  I'm just need to go to the bathroom Mummy."

"Take your time - but don't catch them."

Reasons to Crossdress

No. 2. A nerdy guy can get much hotter girlfriends.

Reasons to Crossdress

No 1.  The View

Sunday, 8 March 2020

The Trials of Kelly

Trial Number 1.

"A key to those shoes is with you Aunt.  Only 5 streets away.  She's expecting you."

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

The End of an Affair

"Rob - what the fuck are you doing to my boss?  You should be in Europe!"

"Flight cancelled.  I heard him come in with a key you must have given him.  Turns out he has a thing for lingerie."


"I'm sorry Ricky, it won't come off that easily.  You got in through the neck hole and then we heat-shrunk it to be nice and snug.  It won't tear, so for today you're going to have to put up with it.  We can get it off you tonight - I have a special bit of equipment that will re-stretch the material.   Anyway, what's the problem?  You look so pretty."

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Training Part 10

"Honey.  Giuseppe has asked us both to go on a picnic.  Are you game?"

"Sure Hon.  Could be fun."

"Good.  He's bringing his friend Ted."

"Ted!  Look you're my wife."

"Honey.  I can't sit there like and watch you and Giuseppe make eyes at each other."


Lovely picnic Giuseppe.  I think I'll go for a walk with Ted.  Looks like Jaqueline has had a garter-belt malfunction ... not one of mine I assure you."

"Darn these tags!"

"Allow me"

"That's better.  Thank you Giuseppe.  Where's Sue?"

"She went off with Ted.  He wanted to show her something."

"God Ted!  Don't stop!  Whatever you do - don't stop!"

"Come on Jaqueline, let's go back to my hotel."

"So when are you going to tell Sue that Giuseppe is actually a girl?"

"She doesn't need to know.  Time for you to pay me for those tits."

Later on the phone.

"How did the picnic go Sue."


"What about Ted?"

"Holy crap he can fuck.  I thought Jack was good, but it got to a point where I started to cum and couldn't stop.  My pussy is still stretched where he was so big."

"How would you like Ted and Jaqueline to fuck you together?"

"You are so naughty!  Jack wouldn't allow that."

"We'll see."

Training Part 9

"Honey.  I need to go to hospital for a simple procedure.  Nothing to worry about."

"Hon!  You didn't say anything."

"It's not a problem.  Two days - that's all."


Two days later.

"That's better don't you think.  Real breasts!  Those dresses will hang so much nicer now."

"Honey!  What have you done to yourself?"

"I thought you'd like them."

"I do, but you're getting less and less like a man."

"Look, it's for your business.  I'll be able to model your low-cut numbers."

"I've never touched another girl's breast before.  Wow, it's so soft.  I can see what you guys like about them."

"No time like the present.  If you're up for it, I have a green dress to die for."

Later on the phone.

"You'll never guess - he's had surgery.  He's got tits!"


"Yes - they're amazing.  Really realistic."

"He's not going to get those on the chicken feed you pay him.  How could he afford them?"

"Giuseppe!  You know that black guy ... is he still available?"

"Adda girl Sue.  No, but I can highly recommend Ted."

Training Part 8

"It looks like my big break has turned up.  The head of a large fashion house has seem my outfits and wants to discuss a large order.  This could be it Honey."

"That's great!"

"The only thing is that he want's to meet you.  I think he wants you to carry on modelling my clothes.  He want's to see us this afternoon.  I'll wear my new blue design, you wear this black dress and wrap."

... Later ....

"Here he is now.  Be try to be nice."

"Ciao Anna, Giuseppe - and this must be your molto bella model ..."


"A beautiful name for a beautiful lady.  A gift for you both.  My latest fragrance, it comes out next month and is very expensive."

"Thank you Giuseppe."

"Yes thank you that's very kind."

"Try it on Jaqueline."

"Mmm it smells wonderful on you."

"Giuseppe!  Please!"

... Later ...

"Susan, we have a deal.  I'll get the paperwork sent to your office tomorrow.  Just one thing.  I'd like to borrow your model, just for this evening."

"Of course."

Early the next morning, Jaqueline is seen leaving a hotel.

"What happened?"

"He got me drunk."

"You let him fuck you?"

"What could I do - he said your contract depended on it."

"He didn't mind that you're a guy?"

"Seemed to make him keener if anything."

"This is getting out of hand."


Later on the phone.

"Yes the whole night getting screwed by some horny Italian."

"You sure about that black guy I spoke about Sue?"

"I said no.  He did it for me."

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