Thursday, 3 October 2019

In the Army Now

Openly trans soldiers are now allowed in the Army.  Since women and men have their own uniform, it's proposed that trans have their own styling.  The basic requirement is that it should be ... fabulous.

The Will

It was very unusual, but Lord Hall in life was an unusual man.  He had built up a billion dollar empire; but in private he loved to crossdress.  Recently, photographs were published showing him looking rather stunning in his prime back in the 1950s.  Rather than be embarrassed, Hall was rather pleased that his little secret had been revealed.

The first part of the reading of the will set his potential heirs a challenge.  He wanted them to attend the second part of the will crossdressed.  He wanted them to feel the thrill of crossdressing in public, of the caress of nylon and looking into a mirror and seeing a woman look back.

The will was set out as a competition.  The prettiest takes all.

The morning of the second part of the reading, an elegant blonde waited outside for the offices to open.  Dressed in black out of respect she watched as the door opened and a parade of ridiculous drag acts rushed from their taxis across the sidewalk stumbling in their low ill-fitting heels.

She followed them in.

"Hello miss,"  a good looking junior lawyer greeted her "I don't think we're expecting any women today, can I help?  ...  And are you free for lunch?"

"The name is Rick Hall, nephew of Lord Hall.  And, as it happens yes, 12:30 sounds perfect?"

"I'm sorry Sir, my mistake.  Err .... 12:30's fine."

Taking his seat at the back of the room, Rick heard the reading expand on the requirements of the inheritance.  Not only should the winner be the prettiest; but he should also live at least the first year as a woman.  "Something that I has always wished for but could never do in those unenlightened times." Lord Hall wrote.

"This is fucking ridiculous!  The old queen get's us here like this and then drops this on us.  Nobody can qualify for the inheritance, we'd be laughing-stocks - I surely get it by default."  His son Malcolm shouted - dressed in an ill-fitting number he'd borrowed from his wife.

"I'll give it a go."  The beautiful blonde at the back stood up.

"I don't know who you are sweet cheeks, but this will concerns the male members of the family".

"Don't be silly Malcolm, it's me, Rick.  I'm prepared to live as a woman for a year"

The lawyer looked over his glasses.

"If you really are Mr Richard Hall, (and we're going to need to check because you don't look like a Richard to me Miss), then you are without doubt the prettiest person in the room and clearly inherit $1.2 billion and the whole of the Hall estate."

Leaving the offices, Rick was now a billionaire, and he gets a legitimate reason to dress as a woman - for at least a year.

What he needed now was a haircut and an outfit for that 12:30 date.

Chanel will do very nicely.

Friday, 16 August 2019

A Bet's a Bet

Andy had to sit down as another orgasm swept through him.

The bet was that he should walk across town dressed like a girl.  He didn't realise that his wife would arrange his cock so that the very act of walking would make him cum.  Coupled with the sheer stockings on his waxed legs which felt gorgeous.  He had cum twice now, and had gone three blocks with ten more to go.  Already his knees were very weak.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Showing Her Male Side

"Oh Auntie - I feel so alive - the cool air under my skirt is so nice!"

"Easy Ricky dear - I think we have had an underwear malfunction.  Cover it with your bag and let's find a bathroom quickly."

Great Idea

"Robert!  Is that really you?"

"Hi Honey.  Yes it's me."

"Why are you dressed like that?"

"Well we discussed last week that before you met me you experimented with lesbianism; well, I just thought that it might help our relationship that now and again you can be with a girl - kinda."

"Oh Rob - that's so sweet.  You're actually much prettier than my old girlfriend.  That lingerie is just perfect and so sexy.  Let's get you a top and skirt and we'll go out for a meal.  Then we can come back here and I'll show you what happens to me when I feel a mouth painted with lipstick on my clit."

Friday, 2 August 2019


"No ... Sally ... my girlfriend's name is Sally ... you've written Sissy."

"Sorry Sir - this is what your wife asked for.  She said as long as you wear your nylons nobody will be seeing it."

"Jeez, I can't go around with Sissy written on my thigh!"

"Well I think you should consider your current situation Sir.  You're in a public tattoo parlour dressed like a woman, made-up like a woman, having a tattoo that says you're a sissy.  All because your wife wanted you to.  That makes you a sissy in my book."

Sunday, 28 July 2019

An Exciting Outing

"It's no use sulking Ricky - you are coming out with me and that's final.  Now let's fix that makeup and find a nice wig."

"I feel such an idiot Auntie"

"You're looking wonderful Ricky."

"Everyone's looking at me!  I need to get indoors!"

"Oh crap!  I'll need to stay here a while."

"What's the matter?"

"These frikkin' nylon stockings are giving me a boner.  I can't turn round."

"Come on - make a dash for it - nobody will notice."

"This is so humiliating!"

Sunday, 14 July 2019

A Brush with the Law

"So what sort of wife lets her husband go out dressed like this?"

"There's no law against it.  Besides, it exciting and he's such a hot chick."

"Well it's not natural.  You must be some kinda faggot, walking around in them nylons and heels and that real pretty hair."

"You want a piece of me don't you?  Just let us go and you can."

"That's it his plug has kept him wide and nicely lubricated, so you'll slide right in."

"Jeez he's so pretty and so tight!  It's wrong but feels so good!"

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Growing Up Fast

Having allowed his Mother and Sister to dress him as a girl for many years.  Now he was over 18, Kelly had to start to learn some of the skills that being a grown-up girl entailed.  It turned out he had quite a talent.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Once you've had tran ...

Here is Sarah learning that "Once you've had tran, you won't want a man!"

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Out with Auntie

"Auntie.  They're boys from my class at school.  If they see my I'm dead!"

"They won't know it's you Ricky dear.  If they say anything, I'll handle it."

"Hey - ladies.  Haven't seen you here before.  Don't I know you Miss?"

"Beat it lads - we're talking."

"Excuse me.  I was talking to the pretty brunette here with the stunning legs."

"I said beat it - now!"

"Thank's Auntie.  Thats Tom - he's a real idiot."

"I'm annoyed he thought you were prettier than me Ricky."

"I love they way my ankles look in these hose and shoes Auntie.  I do love looking like a girl."

Friday, 1 March 2019


As Andy came round, and still feeling a bit groggy, he first noticed that his hands were tied behind his back, then he saw he was wearing pantyhose and shoes like he'd never seen before.  Then the vibrations started inside his butt a few moments later he orgasmed hard.

"You liked that didn't you?"

A voice from behind made him start and look around with embarrassment.

"Who are you?"

"You can call me Divid.  I'm in charge of your feminization process.  You really are going to make a remarkable T-girl."

The vibrations started again.  Despite fighting against it another raging orgasm shot through his whole body.

"I - I - don't want to be ..."

Another orgasm, and another.  He was exhausted but wanted more.

"You mean to say that this isn't the most erotic situation you've ever been in?  You mean to say that your weedy male persona is better that the goddess you will become.  No - you want to be a T-girl.  You were selected from hacking into your browsing history, from your credit-card purchases, and ultimately from your build."


"Sure.  We get most of our T-girls this way.  We make you gorgeous, you model for us and we all make lots of money.  We just need to train you to love dressing as a girl.  We do that by making you orgasm then denying it.  One more; then the big question."

The vibrations started again and once more Andy's body was rocked by an intense pleasure like nothing he'd ever experienced.

"OK, do you want to be one of our T-Girls?"

"No!  I'm a straight guy!"

"Then I'll be back in 1 day.  No more orgasms until then."  

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Adventure number 1.

"Yes I'm serious.  You are doing the weekly shop dressed like that.  Unless you want all your co-workers to see the pictures of your crossdressing antics."

"Now get in there.  We have so many adventures to enjoy."

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Home at Last

"Now my little nephew.  Let's have a rest.  Ooh you like looking at my legs don't you?"

"Auntie!  No - I mean they're very pretty but ..."

"But what?  But little nephews aren't supposed to lust after their Aunt"

"I just like they way your legs look Auntie."

"I think you have a little fetish Ricky.  Come on let's go home - I've got an idea."


"Auntie, this is silly.  People will see me!"

"And if they do - they will see a pretty young girl - now up you get."

"Look at you - standing in heels!"

"I'm a bit wobbly Auntie"

"Lets got for a walk and get some practice."

"Auntie - I'm loving this!"

"That's a girl.  You're walking beautifully.  Have you seen all the looks you've been getting from men?  I think you got the family pretty gene."

"Here we are home.  Let's get you back into your boys clothes."

"I think I'll stay like this Auntie.  I finally know who I really am."

Mind Control

"Davey!  What's happened?"

"I don't know Auntie.  I went to the hypnotist to try to cure my shyness and now .."

"Davey - get changed."

"I am a girl - I am a girl .- I love wearing short skirts that show my pretty legs - I love heels that show my pretty ankles - I am a girl .."

"Davey - I think we need to go talk to that hypnotist."

"I am a girl - I want to suck cock - I am a girl"

"Davey - hypnotist - NOW!"

Sunday, 27 January 2019


With his wife away for the whole weekend Rick was enjoying a little fem time.  These clothes felt fabulous and his make-up was looking damn good even if he says so himself.

"What the fuck!  Rick!  Is this what you do while I'm away!"

"Honey!  I thought you were ..."

"I can explain ..."


"Actually I can't explain - I just like doing this - you weren't supposed to find out."

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Another New Recuit

"You look great Honey."

"This is ridiculous - your sister's crossdressing party is her whackiest idea yet.  I look like some hooker and you just get to were a suit and flatten your hair."

"You don't look like a hooker.  You look very elegant."

"Well I feel like a hooker."

"Look, get used to those heels - I've got to go round Sis's place."

Get used to these heels indeed.  Mind you, these nylons do feel rather fabulous - and it turns out I've got a great pair of pins truth be told.  I think I'm going to enjoy tonight.  Of course - I need to keep the protests going - I wouldn't like anyone to think this is turning me on.  And holy crap it's turning me on.

"Hey Sis - he's back at the house now.  As pretty a little sissy as you like.  Yer he complained a lot, but of course he likes it, his little cock was twitching all the time I was getting him ready."

"Is the camera set up?"

"Certainly is.  Let's see him practice in those heels."

"Ooh - practicing something hon.  That's going to stain the carpet.  Is this recording?"

"Oh yes.  I think we can safely say that we're going to be seeing a lot more of that lady."

"You've got to get him a french maid outfit.  They look so cute in maid outfits."

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Girlie Skills

"You look pleased with your make-over Ricky dear."

"Yes Auntie.  I look so pretty."

"And you like those stockings and heels."

"They are so soft Auntie.  They make me look just like a real girl."

"Then I think it's time for your next lesson.  Up stairs now please."

"What's the next lesson Auntie?"

"It's an essential girlie skill."

"Here boys, my niece, she needs to learn how to suck cock Let her know when she's doing it right."

"Come on babe, deeper than that and work the tongue."


Sunday, 18 November 2018

A Fond Farewell

"You've done a great job Bob."

- 'Jeez - his legs are so amazing.'

"You listening Bob, it'll be a shame not seeing you around when it's done."

"Hey Bob!"

"Sorry Mike, I've wanted to touch these legs of yours ever since you started coming in dressed as a woman."

"Look Bob, I'm just a straight guy who like wearing girl's clothes."

"Yer, and I'm a gay guy who loves crossdressers with fabulous legs.  Get down here."

"No!  Bob!  Stop!"

"That's what you want isn't it you cock teasing bitch?"

"Bob!  That no - that hurts!"

"Bob!  No! - Don't stop."

George's Dare

"Sis, I've changed my mine.  I can't go into MacDonalds dressed like this."

"It's your dare George.   It'll be fine, I've made you look just like a girl, nobody will know."

"This skirt is so short, it feels like my butt is hanging out, and these heels - why did you tie these heels on like this?"

"So you couldn't take them off when I wasn't looking of course.  Now get on with it, and if anyone hits on you, don't make eye contact and tell them to beat it."

Punishment ... Maybe

"Mummy, don't make me go to the church like this."

"Timmy dear, I told you, tease your sister about her clothes and I'd make you wear them.  You thought I was kidding?"

The problem was.  Timmy was enjoying this more than he knew he should.  The silky lingerie, the smooth pantyhose, even those pretty little heels felt so good.  His cock was so hard he didn't know what to do except put a wiggle in his walk which seem to give him a little of the stimulation he needed so badly.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Back from the Club

"Of course I've got a cock, and you won't believe what I can do with it."

Sunday, 30 September 2018

A Discovery

"Auntie, I'm scared.  I like looking like a girl too much.  I feel like I want breasts like yours."

"Maybe you can if you are good Darling.  Now finish dressing."

"Oh these stockings feel so good.  I never want to take them off.  Help me Auntie - I'm a boy not a girl - this is wrong!"

"Don't worry dear - you are what is called a little sissy.  I've known it since you used to stoke my stockings when you were very small.  It'll be so much fun.  You'll have more sexual pleasure in a day than most men have in a lifetime.  Now come on - let me see you walk in those heels of yours."

Saturday, 29 September 2018

New Experiences

"This reverse bride and groom fancy-dress idea is proving a problem; this is your third boner this evening Jack.  I thought you said you wasn't turned on wearing lingerie."

"I didn't think I was honey, but I'm seeing a gorgeous chick's body from where I'm sitting and I can't help myself.  The materials are kinda soft and sexy too though.  How do you girls not get turned on all the time?"

"I like my men in tight pants and with a sweaty chest Jack - as you well know.  Looking at lingerie is a guy thing.  Look, we're going to have to sort that out again before you put your costume on.  Goodness knows what we'll do if it happens at the party - this bride's dress is quite tight around there and it's going to show.  Hopefully a third blowjob will fix you for the evening."

"I hoped you'd say that."


At the party Jack was getting hit on by a guy over and over again.  Later in the evening, and quite a few drinks later the guy grabbed Jack in an embrace tightly clamping himself to Jack face-to-face.  As Jack struggled, he could feel his silk lingerie sliding inside the silk dress.  Jack's manhood started to rise - the feeling of the lingerie was simply delicious.  It was as if he was holding a sexy girl himself, but because he WAS the sexy girl, the feelings were so much more intense.  

His boner was interpreted as assent.  Jack had had way too much to drink - the next think he knew he was in a private room with his cock about to explode into some guy's mouth.

His wife in the meantime was upstairs getting nailed by a guy in very tight pants and a very broad, very muscular and, by now, very sweaty chest.

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